Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

July 15th:

We have a family of five living with us right now so each day is much more hectic than I plan, so on the 15th, I kept forgetting to take photographs until after each crazy event--meals, games, bedtime routines--was already over. But I did my best, so here is my best :)

5 cups for 5 kiddos; 2 kiddos not pictured ;)

We live in the Grass Seed Capital of the World, so even in July, grass seed allergy season is still in full swing for me.
Ah, the sinus headaches that these drugs only partially prevent.

Right after we moved in our house last month, I purchased this Shark Navigator vacuum. It is cordless and it is! I can vacuum the all-hardwood downstairs in less than 5 minutes and the whole house in 10. I love that is cordless and I love any excuse to use it.
Vacuuming after each meal is essential with all of these kiddos.

During naptime I squeezed in some doodling time. Good for the soul.

In the afternoon I baked two loaves of Egg Harbor Bread and started prepping green beans for steaming. Mmmm :)

That evening, the hubby and I headed over to our close friends' house--which also happens to be a sorority house at which they are the house parents--to watch Back to the Future II in the movie theatre basement for some good laughs. I had intended to take many pictures of our awesome good time but of course, completely forgot until we were getting into the car. So here is the front of the mansion in all its awesome and spooky glory.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Day in the Life of Jessica Chevalier

I found myself in Connecticut this July 15th. Although I was missing my Adirondack home, the New England coastline chose to delight me with a gorgeous misty day! In the morning I went to work with my boyfriend. He cares for a gorgeous property with views of the Lieutenant River and many beautiful gardens!

Crocosmia 'Lucifer' was causing quite a ruckus among the hummingbirds who were fighting over their vibrant flowers. (Taken with a Canon 5D MK lll)

Common Echinacea or "coneflower". (Taken with my Canon)

The view of the Lieutenant River in the mist. (Taken with my iPhone.)

After work, my geeky 80's side got a treat when we drove past Mystic Pizza! I still love that movie! (Taken with my iPhone.)

We made our way over to Groton's Bluff Point and took an hour hike out to the beach. It was glorious!

The Rosa Rugosa was the first thing to greet us! What a treat! (Taken with my Canon.)

We had the beach to ourselves! (Taken with my Canon.)

The low tide left behind pools filled with hundreds of snails and hermit crabs. (Taken with my canon.)

The tide was so low that we were able to walk out to a nearby island. (Panoramic taken with my iPhone.)

It was getting dark fast so we had to power hike back to the truck, but what a day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Michelle Wermuth

July 15th:

My day in the life did not get as many photos as I would have liked. We started out having to repair a leaking pipe in our basement! Obviously no photos of that! The rest of my day went pretty normal.

My days are spent working on wedding images. Today was no different, I had an album to design so I begin by sorting the images.

A last minute appointment at the studio gave me the opportunity to get a quick photograph of the church across the street. The sky was glorious!

Showing wedding albums to the potential client who booked to become a wedding to be photographed next May! Woo Hoo

The purple cone flowers outside of the studio were beautiful in the sunshine as I left to go back home.

My middle son and one of his best friends greeted me from the deck when I pulled into our driveway. (My son is on the right)

Now onto the actual album design.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Document your Day -- July Fourth edition, Part II

More photos from our Instagram Document your Day photo challenge on July Fourth! Follow these ladies on Instagram for more photography goodness:










Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Document your Day -- July Fourth edition, Part I

We've launched a new Instagram photo challenge series named "Document your Day" and decided to start with July Fourth.

We knew it would be a day full of similarities and striking differences, as our group is spread out across the world, and it lived up to that expectation! Here is the first installment of photographs from the challenge. Enjoy!









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Check back tomorrow for more #fpoeyourfourth photos :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Day in the Life of Claire Carpenter

This year, June 15th was not only Father's Day but graduation weekend at the local university and only the second day in our new house. Suffice it to say, life (and my house!) was a bit chaotic. I only managed to snap a few pictures of my day, which I suppose is itself a comment on my busy-ness!

After breakfast, the kids and I settled down for some reading. Because of the move, I'd only left out a few of our books, the current most important one being Cinderella. This was our third read-through of the morning :)
My littles: Benjamin (4.5) and Madeleine (2.5)

To make up for the loss of books, we checked out stacks and stacks of library books. (Nothing makes me quite so nostalgic for childhood as the feel of a crinkly library cover.)
Not even the half of it!

Inbetween reading and playing and cleaning, I emptied boxes.

This is our stack of boxes waiting to be broken down. As soon as the stack goes away, more boxes instantly appear....

After naptime, Benjamin headed out to the back patio for grapes and milk in the warm Oregon sunshine.

As a reward for all the unpacking, I allowed myself a few minutes to work on our mantel. It's still a work-in-progress but it makes me happy every time I see it. I bought the Louvre poster in Paris 13 years ago and I can't imagine ever having it far from my everyday.

Pretty hydrangea blossom from our new yard.

We also took a moment to take pictures for Father's Day. A happy tiring day :)

Silly happy kiddos in front of our new house!

The father of my children and love of my life.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day in the Life of Katerina Vodrazkova

We're relaunching the "Day in the Life" series! On the 15th of each month, members of fPOE will document their days and share the beauty of the everyday. Here is the first entry of this relaunch. More to follow....


Sunday 15th June

My name is Katerina and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. On Etsy I run OverTheRainbowPrints with my photography and also KVFeltedDesign with my felted accessories and home décor.

Originally I planned to do all Day in Life only with my phone (HTC Desire C) as an Instagram project, but as I was absorbed by the beautiful garden with a real camera (Nikon) in hand, I forgot my phone at all. All edited to square so they have something in common :)

How better to start a lovely Sunday then with a yummy pancake breakfast?

Because I think it would be boring to photograph me doing laundry, bit of a cleaning and procrastinating at my computer, let's fast forward a bit and go for a little trip.

This weekend was a weekend of open gardens in the Czech Republic. It means that some gardens that are normally closed to the public are open and people can enjoy them, sometimes with some special programme. So, after lunch I took my camera and went for a little trip. I chose a private garden a reasonable distance from Prague. I visited Garden Listen (in Czech the radix has nothing to do with the English word listen, but “list” = leaf). It is located fairly near Prague in the meander of a little river and the water is very important for the environment they are trying to develop there. It is only open for public on special occasions, such as a solstice celebration and on weekends over the summer.

But let's start at the beginning, at a train station.

The sky was beautiful that day.

Here is the river meander in the garden. 

They not only take care of plants and flowers, but also horses, some sheep, very noisy and funny donkey and white peacocks. 

Let's have some snack – yummy homemade cherry cake and also some snack for the fishies in the pond.

On the way back to the train station the sky was playing a really good show with the clouds.

But unfortunately it is time to go back home from this lovely countryside train station.

Below you can enjoy some of the photos taken in garden. There were many water spaces and fountains.

I loved that bench completely hidden in the willow and with a view of the central pond.

Flower bed with magic crystal. 

And some other lovely flowers:

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